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The All-on-Four technique is an innovation that has improved the quality of denture care and comfort.

Traditional dentures can be uncomfortable, unreliable and messy. They move and slip along the gum line. With this implant-supported procedure, you can end the need for traditional dentures.

All-on-Four implant supported dentures involves anchoring your dentures to a set of implants. For both upper and lower teeth, a total of four implants are used, which eventually fuse to the jawbone. This permanence is what makes this technique so much better than the alternative.

Enjoy foods you never thought you could

Your dentures stay attached to the implants for a natural fit with no adhesives to keep them in place. This superior stability allows you to eat foods that are troublesome for traditional dentures.

The implants secured to dentures are also more cost-effective and take much less time than replacing each tooth individually. If you don’t have the bone volume needed for traditional dentures, this is not a problem.

And you can have the final procedure performed in one day. Imagine the time you will save with this versatile technique.

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