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A tooth with decay, cracks or fractures can be repaired by replacing the affected part of the tooth with a composite (tooth colored) filling. Composite fillings are very popular today.  Tooth colored materials integrate well with existing teeth, especially for the front of the mouth where the teeth are more visible.

Composite fillings are not permanent but are very durable and will last years. For chipped or decayed teeth; cracked or broken teeth; or gaps between teeth, they are an excellent choice.

Only one appointment is necessary

Composite fillings are typically require one visit.  Decay is removed, the tooth is cleaned and the filling will be placed, polished and shaped to your existing tooth.

If the decay was near the nerve of the tooth, a special medication we use can keep you comfortable. At home, you may experience sensitivity to hot and cold initially but this is not permanent. Your tooth will acclimate quickly.

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