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Choose Veneers or Lumineers® to Improve Your Smile

When you have teeth that are not uniform is size, shape or color, your self-confidence can take a big hit. Many people with this problem feel so self-conscious that they don't smile, or they cover their teeth when they do smile. There's a better solution, however, in the form of porcelain veneers that cover these unsightly teeth to create a healthy looking smile to show off at any occasion. At our Somerset dental office, Dr. Kasimatis offers cosmetic solutions to improve your smile in a short period of time.

Why Choose Veneers?

There are many options for improving Veneers or Lumineers in Somersetyour smile, but no other dental procedure offers the near-immediate results that veneers can provide. That's just one reason why so many people choose veneers as an affordable way of achieving a great-looking smile.

Veneers provide some other important advantages, one of which is that this single procedure can cover up a wide range of tooth defects. Worn or chipped teeth, uneven size or shape, minor misalignments, stubborn stains that don't respond to whitening—all these problems can be solved at once with veneers. And unlike whitening procedures, which can sometimes produce unpredictable results, it's easy to get exactly the tooth color that you want, because veneers are made according to your shade selection.

A Simple Two-Step Process

The process of having veneers fitted and placed is surprisingly simple and only minimally invasive. It's a two-step procedure that can be completed in as little as two visits within a two week span, with very little tooth preparation required.

At the first visit, x-rays and impressions are made to use as a blueprint for creating the veneers. At this visit you'll also work with Dr. Kasimatis to choose your ideal tooth shade, for a perfect white smile. Depending on the kind of veneers you choose, your teeth may be lightly buffed to prepare them for bonding. The veneers are created in a laboratory and at your final visit, they're bonded to your teeth and polished.

No-Prep Option with Lumineers®

If you are looking to change your smile and want to omit any tooth prep, Dr. Kasimatis offers Lumineers® which provide the same cosmetic results but with minimal to no preparation necessary. Explore all your options with Dr. Kasimatis.

Change Your Smile, Change Your Life

An attractive smile—with white, even, and well-shaped teeth—is a smile you're pleased to show off at every opportunity. And when you smile frequently, it makes you feel good. That's why, if you're not happy with your smile, veneers make such a life-changing difference. It's not just about how your smile looks, it's about how you feel about your smile, and when you look good, you feel great.

Contact us today at Smile Designs 101 to schedule a consultation at our Somerset dental office, and find out how veneers or Lumineers® can change your life.