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We are your one-stop-shop for cosmetic dental procedures that are long lasting and fully-functional. Dentist Kosmas Kasimatis, DMD, uses only quality materials to produce transformative dental care.

For individuals facing many challenges in their oral health, we can reverse damage left by gum disease, normal wear and tear, or accidents. The Smile Designs 101 team is friendly and treats patients with respect, providing a relaxing environment in which to give experienced care.

Dr. Kasimatis delivers expert care to patients coming from Franklin, Edison, New Brunswick, and Somerset. 

Quality Procedures for Every Patient

Dr. Kasimatis has been restoring teeth for many years with porcelain and other materials, and has a wealth of experience in making uniform smiles. Designed to last, porcelain matches the sheen and structure of a natural tooth. Whether you’re receiving a crown or dental implant restoration, porcelain will complete the smile, matching the shading of your other teeth.

For teeth that are less damaged and need to be filled, our practice uses tooth-colored bonding as the standard for repairing smiles. Durable and adaptable, tooth bonding material can be molded like putty to conform to the needs of your tooth or teeth, and is then hardened. It bonds to teeth for long-term adhesion, and protects the natural tooth.  

We do our best to have our procedures in office for the convenience of our patients. Our practice only uses durable cosmetic materials that enhance the look of the smile and are proven to last. Porcelain restorations and tooth colored bonding ensure a uniform smile when receiving fillings, crowns and veneers.  

Investing in Lifelong Smiles

Our goal is to give patients great oral health through services that protect the natural smile and keep it clean for a longer-lasting dentition. Hygienists take time to understand each patient’s unique smile and the particular needs it may have. After examining the smile, we prepare a treatment plan that will address smile needs and establish long-term goals for oral health. 

Part of a healthy dental future is good home dental practices, which is why we help adults and children understand how to have good dental practices at home. Also, to better care for patients we offer dental sedation to make lengthy procedures easier, or to help relax anxious patients. We do our best to accommodate patients with diverse needs from our Somerset practice.