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Dr. Kosmas Kasimatis, Somerset's General Dentist

With over 15 years of experience in the field of dentistry, Smile Designs 101 offers the very best in optimal and consistent dental care. Our friendly staff and affordable services complement the expertise of our Somerset general dentist, Dr. Kosmas Kasimatis. Together, our team is able to present patients with outstanding oral healthcare options. Somerset General Dentist

Complimentary Oral Exams for New Patients

Prospective patients can experience what our general dentist has to offer through  a free consultation that includes x-rays and an oral exam. Dr. Kasimatis strongly believes in the importance of preventive dentistry via routine visits that assist in detecting dental problems early. After achieving positive dental health, maintaining it is just as essential.

Dental Education is a Priority

The staff at Smile Designs 101 is knowledgeable and has been carefully chosen to represent Dr. Kosmas Kasimatis’ general dental practice. Our hygienists are well educated and are more than qualified to answer any questions you may have or offer suggestions for improved at-home care during your exam. The development of periodontal disease from lack of oral hygiene can be serious and possibly threaten the patient’s health if left untreated, so our hygienists provide quality care during regular or deep cleaning appointments.    

Affordable Care from our Somerset General Dentist 

Achieving every patients’ dental health goals, both functionally and aesthetically, is one of Dr. Kasimatis’ primary concerns. Equally significant are our preventive measures, like fluoride and sealants to help prevent tooth decay. When your oral health is at optimum level, we work with you to maintain it and limit the need for complex dental procedures.

For convenience, all of our general dental services are performed in our Somerset dental office. We offer many treatments to restore decaying or damaged teeth, including high-quality implants at an affordable price. Dr. Kasimatis is experienced in placing and restoring dental implants and can incorporate treatment planning, materials, and surgical costs into a single pricing package. Because our general dentist performs all services himself, you avoid the high cost of visiting multiple offices. After any dental procedures have been performed, a staff member will make a follow-up phone call to ensure you are healing properly.

Contact our General Dentist Today

If you are looking for a general dentist that has the experience to offer improved aesthetics and function, please contact our Somerset dental office for more information or to schedule an appointment