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Family Dental Care – Kosmas Kasimatis, DMD – Somerset, NJ 

Finding dental care for the whole family can be difficult, especially when the needs for each member are so diverse. Whole families and individuals in Somerset can turn to Smiles Designs 101 to receive age-specific care, where your needs are met. From general dental care to cosmetic improvements, we run the gamut of procedures and offer patients a friendly atmosphere in which to receive care. Kosmas Kasimatis, DMD is our experienced dentist that provides care for patients from age two to a hundred, protecting dental function for a lifetime. 

Personalized Treatments for Lifelong Oral Health

The only way the smile lasts a lifetime is through consistent dental care and personalized dental treatments. At Smile Designs 101, we acknowledge the uniqueness of each person’s smile and create individual treatment plans that address immediate needs and establish long-term goals. This is crucial for patients of every age, and our dental team makes sure they receive necessary dental care.

Children’s Dental Care – We see children from age two and up for their first dental appointment. We will clean their smile and check on the development of their teeth. If we notice decay or dental issues, we provide treatments, such as fillings and sealants to protect the health of your child’s smile. We gently treat your child and also strive to educate them on their oral health, helping them to be more comfortable at the dentist while young. 

Care for your Teenager – It’s at this time the smile develops fully and ceases growing, requiring guidance to make sure the teeth are properly aligned. At this sensitive time in their lives, we help teen patients achieve a beautiful smile that supports their self-confidence. We provide Invisalign® treatment for tooth alignment and wisdom tooth extractions for teens. 

Treatment for Adults – At this stage in life, teeth need careful maintenance to ensure they withstand wear and tear for years to come. When patients experience trauma, or tooth problems due to decay, we provide restorative treatments that both protect your natural tooth structure and enhance their beauty. At Smile Designs 101, we treat the smile with cosmetic dental improvements, covering imperfections with veneers or brightening the smile with tooth whitening. 

Providing for our Somerset Seniors – Our older patients generally need more regular maintenance than usual, as their oral health is susceptible to gum disease and tooth loss. We provide preventive treatments to protect existing teeth, but also offer solutions if they cannot be saved. Kosmas Kasimatis, DMD provides dental implant treatment to permanently rebuild a senior’s smile, as well as traditional dentures or bridges for restored dental function. To combat periodontal disease, we offer LANAP, which is a laser-based procedure that is gentle on gums and promotes a speedy recovery. 

A Wide Range of Procedures

We provide custom services for each age group, and to see our full list navigate to our procedures page. Patients can trust that we deliver treatments with compassion, taking into account their unique sensitivity or anxiety to dental care. If necessary, we provide dental sedation to help patients receive the care they need. 

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Serving New Brunswick and Highland Park, Smile Designs 101 cares for the dental needs of families and individuals. Dr. Kosmas Kasimatis is passionate about helping patients achieve positive oral health and attractive smiles. Call us today to schedule a consultation!